Environmental conservation for fast economic growth

NATURAL and Tourism Minister Jumanne Maghembe hinted that consumption of charcoal in the country is likely to double by 2030.
And, this is alarming news, indeed, as far as environmental protection and conservation are concerned. More charcoal consumption simply means increased deforestation, resulting into desertification.
Available data show that charcoal use is likely to increase from 2.3 to 4.6 million tones by 2030. Obviously, increased use of charcoal will not affect only environment and nature, but also the total economic growth because there are many sectors that rely on well conserved and protected environment.
Tourism, for instance, is one of the largest industries in today’s global economy. But, the rising sea levels, desertification, deforestation, melting of snow and glaciers adversely affect the sector.
Rising sea levels will eventually submerge small islands and coastal regions. Desertification and water scarcity make regions less hospitable for both local communities and tourists. Read More

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