Tanzania Natural Resources Forum (TNRF) is hosting a workshop in Lushoto from today 1st February to 3rd February. More than 10 participants including TFWG members from different organizations have attended this workshop (WWF, JET, SHIVIMITA, MJUMITA, LEAT, MCDI, FARM AFRICA, TRAFFIC, AFRICARE, and TASONABI). The objective of this workshop is to review the Tanzania Forestry Working Group strategy which ended in 2016, assess its implementation and evaluate if the actions are valid or require changes. This will be done with reference to Mama Misitu evaluation report, TRAFFIC report of 2016 and December 2016 MNRT review report to identify and consolidate key issues that may be relevant to a new Tanzania Forestry Working Group strategy. The Tanzania Forestry Working Group (TFWG) was formed in August 2005 in order to coordinate advocacy initiatives and raise awareness on critical issues in the Tanzania forestry sector. Hosted and facilitated by Tanzania Natural Resource Forum (TNRF), the overall goal of the group has been to bring together a vibrant and effective coalition of non-state actors and individuals working to improve forest governance in Tanzania.

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