Villagers: We’re given a raw deal in forest conservation

Ruvu. Communities surrounding and engaged in safeguarding the South Ruvu Forest Reserve are seeking a share of revenues collected from illegally harvested trees.

The communities and the Tanzania Forest Service (TFS) Agency have entered into an agreement on participatory natural forest management.According to reports, there are 48.1 million hectares of forest reserves, equivalent to 55 percent of all Tanzania land.

However, 386,712 hectares are lost annually to get charcoal.The government came up with idea of forestry participatory management which calls on communities surrounding reserves to protect them from deforestation.Despite the community engagement, all the proceeds from illegal harvesting of natural forest in South Ruvu have been taken by the Central Government.Mr Shomari Juma, Kipagege Village executive chairman in Kibaha, Coast Region, said it was agreed that 32 per cent of the proceeds from illegal forest harvests be given back to the community to fund projects.Read More

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