About 31 per cent of the forest resources are conserved under different management systems including the central and local governments and the remaining 69 per cent is under general and village land. Currently, nearly 600 forests are managed by the central government, 200 forests by the district authorities and 480 forests under village authority ownership.

Speaking during an engagement between officials of Policy Forum and the President’s Office Regional Administration and Local Government’s Directors from different departments at the just ended Policy Week in Dodoma recently, Mama Misitu Campaign Manager Gwamaka Mwakyanjala said that generally, Tanzanians are heavily dependent on the forestry resources for their livelihoods—by trading wood and non­wood forest products. However, he said most of the forests and woodlands including the majority of the Forest Reserves are not properly managed as the rate of deforestation, resource depletion and degradation is alarming.

Mwakyanjala further said that according to National Forest Monitoring and Assessment of Tanzania (NAFORMA) report of 2013, Tanzania is losing nearly to 372,816 ha of forests annually. “Deforestation in Tanzania could cost the national economy US$3.5 billion, between 2013 and 2033 on current trends, highlighting the importance of investing in the forestry sector to alleviate poverty and boost growth,” he revealed. Read more…

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